Physician Services


Nurses At Work StationWe recognize that we are an extension to physicians services. Whether you are a small independent practice or a large network of practices and clinics, MED TECH CLINICAL LAB has programs and capabilities to guarantee premier lab services and quality patient care.

We can train your staff on how to use our IT systems efficiently and effectively.

We can provide test results the way you need them, whether you prefer a paper-based system, completely electronic or some combination of the two

We have multiple specimen collection options available for practices,

Courier pick-up or we can place an experienced phlebotomist in your facility for specimen collection.

We can customize our processes to better fit the way you work. For example, we can design a new requisition form or change pickup and delivery times to make our services fit seamlessly with yours.

Same Day turnaround time on basic testing –Stat service availability



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